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Other Guild News

Star man and bone drakes

Bumbes, Sep 16, 10 4:18 PM.
As Cataclysm nears our raiding has slowed. Now we are working on our second Frostmourne, and out second Val'anyr. Also trying to get as many people the achievements they would like. 

We have achieved our guild goal of beating every boss in the current expansion!

A few weeks back we achieved Observed (25)! Still a cool fight, even if we over gear it a little. 

Also most of the guild has earned their Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher! 

Now for the proof! Pic or it didn't happen.


And now ME!!!!

A huge CONGRATS to every memeber, raider, core raider, officer, and other players that have been with us on this long strange journey! 

I and the other officers look forward to the next journey and killing some DRAGONS!

Got Healz

Bumbes, Jul 13, 10 5:47 PM.
Ever wanted to play a healer? Ever wounder why you didn't get those life saveing heals? Want to know what you can do to get more heals? Out side of paying the healer corps, here is a chart I stole from

Mr Vice President! Someone finally bought a copy of your book!

Kharity, Jun 7, 10 3:04 PM.
Well, it's been a long time coming, but we've finally, despite some personnel setbacks, some healer shortages, and some tanking changes, killed the Lich King in 25 man.

We've had the capability of doing it for a month or two now, but never the execution, so it is with great relief and pride that I can finally say that we've achieved the goal we set out to achieve at the beginning of WotLK.

This does herald the start of hard modes in ICC, and many weeks' work ahead, but, hopefully, it won't be too arduous a task to achieve now that everything past this is gravy.

I'd like to take a moment to thank all Carpe Draconis members who helped down LK, as well as those who worked diligently to help us down all WotLK content, current and former members alike.  You are all a large part of our being able to do this.

Plans are already underway for Cataclysm and for Ruby Sanctum, and you guys will be among the first to hear them.  Thanks again for your dedication and support throughout this year-and-a-bit long journey that continues apace.

I leave you with a video that I feel succinctly summarizes my feelings on the past week:

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